Newsweek Article Presents the Foundation’s Approach to Transforming Mental Illness

Herbert Pardes, M.D. - Brain and behavior scientific council member
Herbert Pardes, M.D.

Alexander Nazaryan, senior writer for Newsweek, attended the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Klerman-Freedman Prize dinner in New York City on July 25th and then sat in on the Foundation’s annual meeting of the Scientific Council the following day. He interviewed members of the Scientific Council, including its President, Herbert Pardes, M.D., and longtime member Eric R. Kandel, M.D.

His article—“When Will Mental Illness Finally Yield to Science?”— explores the latest initiatives in the field of brain research, including the recent national BRAIN Initiative and major philanthropic gifts to advance mental health research, as well as the Foundation’s approach to transforming what it means to live with a mental illness. Optimism and long-term commitment are major thrusts of his article.

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