Grant FAQs

General Grant Questions:


  • How are grants reviewed?
    The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Scientific Council, a prestigious group of 173 volunteers, widely recognized as the leaders in every major area of brain and behavior research, leads the rigorous and competitive process of identifying the most promising ideas for funding globally.

  • Does the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation support international researchers?
    Yes. NARSAD Grants have been awarded to researchers in more than 30 different countries.

  • How often are the three NARSAD Grant programs offered?
    Each program may be offered annually. Join our Grant Solicitation email list to receive notifications about upcoming Grant Application periods.

  • Are grants non-taxable?
    NARSAD Grants to universities are non-taxable.  However, depending on how you utilize the funds (i.e., salary support), your university may have different guidelines. We recommend speaking with someone in your Grants and Contracts Office.

  • Does the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation offer special recognition for scientists?
    The Foundation recognizes scientists with Outstanding Achievement Prizes as well as the Klerman and Freedman Prizes.



  • Can I request for a late start for my grant?
    Please note that you may request a revised start date for your grant with an interval of either 6 months or 1 year.
  • Is it possible to transfer my grant to another institution?
    Yes, if you would like to transfer your grant to another institution please click here for more information.
  • Can I make revisions to my original budget?
    Yes, changes can be made to your original budget proposal please contact us for more information.
  • Can I extend my project date past my project end date?
    Yes, you are able to extend your project end date for an interval of either 6 months or 1 year. Please make this request 3 months before your scheduled end date. If you would like to extend your project end date please contact us for more information.



These dates indicate when the call for each NARSAD Grant application begins. All dates are subject to change. Email solicitations will be sent out before the open call for all NARSAD Grant applications. To join our email solicitation list please contact us.

Grant: *Time Table For Open Applications:
NARSAD Young Investigator Grants January - February
NARSAD Independent Investigator Grants November - December
NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Grants June - July


Foundation Prizes:


    Prize: Announcements/Solicitations Sent: Prizes Awarded In:
    Outstanding Achievement Prizes April - May October in New York City
    Klerman & Freedman Prizes March - April July in New York City

    For more information, please contact Ms. Sho Tin Chen, Grants Manager at