Other Ways to Give

What other ways can I support The Foundation?

Looking for a different way to support the mission of our Foundation? Below are a few simple ways to give.

Sponsor a Program or Event

Research Partners Program: Sponsor a scientist by personally selecting a young, mid-career or senior researcher in a unique collaboration that brings donors and scientists together. Support a Young Investigator ($35,000), independent Investigator ($50,000) or a Distinguished Investigator ($100,000).

Foundation Symposia Series: Sponsor a “Mental Health Research Symposium Presentation” through our symposia series featuring our brightest and most innovative scientists working in the field. Support a single presentation for $5,000.

Meet the Scientist Monthly Webinar Series: Sponsor a “Meet the Scientist: Virtual Q&A Webinar” with members of our scientific community from around the globe who provide recent mental illness research updates. Support a single webinar for $2,500.

While You Shop Amazon.com

Every time you make a purchase using this link: bbrfoundation.org/amazon, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

Every Time You Search the Web

Sign up to support the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation on GoodShop and you can easily support mental health research every time you search the web or shop online! They even provide coupons for online shopping! 

When You Sell on eBay

Sell something on eBay and donate a percentage of the final sale to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

Through PayPal

Got some money saved up in a PayPal balance? Donate to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation through your PayPal account.

When You Buy Tickets to a Broadway Show

Planning a trip to New York City to see that hit Broadway show? Next time you buy Broadway tickets, shop through Givenik and a portion of the sale will be donated to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.