Amy Arnsten, Ph.D.

Amy Arnsten, Ph.D.

Joined the Scientific Council in 2011

Professor of Neurobiology
Yale University School of Medicine

Dr. Arnsten’s research focuses on the highly evolved prefrontal cortex, elucidating the molecular mechanisms that determine the strength of network connections and cognitive abilities, with the overarching goals of understanding how genetic insults lead to symptoms of mental illness, and she is developing informed strategies for pharmacological treatment. Her team has identifi ed two pharmacological agents to treat prefrontal cortical dysfunction in patients: guanfacine, FDA-approved for ADHD treatment and used off-label to treat Tourette syndrome, frontal lobe traumatic brain injury and behavioral symptoms in autism spectrum disorder; and prazosin, currently being tested in patients with PTSD, including troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr. Arnsten received her B.A. with honors in neuroscience from Brown University in 1976, and her Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego, in 1981. Following her doctoral studies, Dr. Arnsten performed postdoctoral research with Dr. Susan Iversen at the University of Cambridge, in England, and then with Dr. Patricia Goldman-Rakic at Yale University.

NARSAD Grants: Independent Investigator 1998 and Distinguished Investigator 2008