James F. Leckman, M.D.

James F. Leckman, M.D.


Neison Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Psychiatry, Psychology and Pediatrics
Yale University School of Medicine

Dr. Leckman is a well-known patient-oriented neuroscientist and clinician with special skills in the evaluation and treatment of Tourette syndrome and pediatric onset OCD. His research includes studies that focus on neuropsychological performance and clinical outcomes, genetics, environmental factors, neurobiology, and the evaluation of novel therapeutic interventions. He and his colleagues have completed several influential meta-analyses of the scientific literature concerning current interventions for Tourette syndrome and OCD.

Dr. Leckman has been at Yale since 1976. While he was Director of Research at the Child Study Center from 1983 to 2010, the Center emerged as one of the leading sites for child psychiatric research in the United States.

NARSAD Grants: Distinguished Investigator 1993

Foundation Prizes: 2007 Ruane Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Research